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Empowering companies to offer Education as a Benefit

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Learn how Walmart invested in the personal and professional success of its associates, championing debt-free college degrees for millions!

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Drive value for your company

Guild works with Fortune 1000 companies to transform traditional tuition reimbursement into strategic education benefits programs that help recruit, retain and upskill employees. With a proven ROI, we help HR and L&D leaders morph tuition programs from cost centers into strategic benefits.

Strong return on investment


ROI for every $1 spent on Education Benefits

Improve employee retention


90-day retention rate for employees enrolled in Guild vs 71% baseline employee retention rate

Features for companies

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Company Admin Platform

Track program ROI, performance metrics, tax compliance data, and other information needed to efficiently scale your education benefits program.

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Employee Benefits Platform & Network

Simple, mobile-first technology platform that provides access to 3,000+ universities and learning providers, with curated upskilling programs and custom degrees at top nonprofit universities.

Features for employees

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Network of Nonprofit Universities

Guild’s network of top, nonprofit universities and learning providers ensures that every employee can find the right program to advance their education and career.

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Support and guidance

Guild’s team of coaches work with every prospective student to offer admissions, financial aid, academic and career retention coaching to your employees.

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College credit for company training

Guild partners with specific universities and your L&D team to offer employees college credits for company training.

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Flexible, affordable programs

Guild works with top-ranked nonprofit universities that focus on working adults through affordability, student supports, flexibility and outcomes.

Leading employer partners

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“When we surveyed our employees, education support was one of the top three things they asked for. The barriers to achieving their education goals were time, money and support.... Guild delivers on all of these needs through access to online classes, financial aid guidance, tuition assistance and a personal counselor to support each student in real time.”

Frank Tucker, Global Chief People Officer at Taco Bell

Featured universities and learning partners

Guild works directly with top, accredited nonprofit universities and learning providers to offer quality education at an affordable cost.

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"Guild has brought together a network of leading companies and innovative, non-profit universities dedicated to advancing the education and career goals of working adults across America. This model provides companies and employees the flexibility they need to select an institution that best serves their learning style vs. a “one-size-fits-all” approach. It also provides universities the opportunity to serve a broader, national group of students."

Gary Brahm, Chancellor and CEO, Brandman University

Guild in the news

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Disney Offers to Pay Tuition for 80,000 Hourly Workers
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Guild Partners with Walmart to Provide College to All Employees for $1 a Day
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Companies That Help Employees Pay For College
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